Back from Tech-Ed: What is in the Scripting Toolkit?

The SAPIEN Scripting Toolkit is a CD filled with all sorts of tools and information that is useful for anyone who is working with scripting languages. Let’s break down the contents for you…

  1. Free tools – A copy of all of our free scripting tools (except for iPowerShell) is on the CD. A link to iPowerShell on the iTunes store is also included. A list of all of those free tools can be found here. You can also download the Scripting Toolkit ISO file at that link.
  2. 45 day trial versions of all of our paid software. Besides PrimalScript, SAPIEN produces PrimalForms, PrimalXML, PrimalSQL, ChangeVue, PrimalMerge and PrimalScope. Check out the details here.
  3. Sample chapters from all of our eBooks. SAPIEN Press publishes several fantastic technical books in our TFM series. Check out our titles here.
  4. Free eBooks – Three complete free eBooks (Introduction to PowerShell, The Administrator Shortcut Guide to VBScripting for Windows, and PowerShell 1.0: TFM) all written by scripting guru Don Jones.
  5. Dozens of useful scripts for your administrative tasks
  6. Sample chapters from our VBScript and PowerShell training videos. Details of these videos can be found here.
  7. Useful links to SAPIEN resources

If you did not receive your free Scripting Toolkit at Tech-Ed, download it here!