PrimalForms 2011: Q&A

The announcement of PrimalForms 2011 has resulted in a huge flood of emails with questions. I will try to answer the most common ones here has best as I can.

Please understand that things may change and some things are not finalized yet. If your question is not answered here, please be patient, we will post more information here as it is available.

When will PrimalForms 2011 be released?

No exact date has been set, but we are aiming for Q4 2010.

How much will it cost?

No price has been set as to date. Expect it to be more than PrimalForms 2009 though. We will announce the price here when it is available.

If I buy PrimalForms now, do I have to buy this again?

PrimalForms 2011 is the successor to PrimalForms 2009. Any registered PrimalForms 2009 user can upgrade for the difference in price.

Is there an upgrade path from PrimalScript or other SAPIEN products?

Upgrades are available for registered users of the following products:
1. PrimalForms 2009
2. PrimalScript Studio 2009
3. PrimalScript Universal 2009
Registered users of other SAPIEN software products may qualify for preferred customer pricing when PrimalForms 2011 is released. At launch time we will also offer time limited specials and combined packages with other products and upgrades. Please keep an eye on and our monthly newsletter for information on discounts and special pricing.

You can signup for our newsletter here:

Will PrimalForms 2011 open my PrimalForms 2009 PFF files?

Yes, it will.

Do you have a beta program?

Our development team will solicit select users of PrimalForms 2009 for beta testing. If we need additional help we will post a call for beta testers here.

Does PrimalForms 2011 require PowerShell V2?

Yes. We are not testing against PowerShell V1 any longer.