Back from TechEd: Do I need to learn PowerShell?

We here at SAPIEN have all returned  from TechEd 2010 in New Orleans. After reviewing our notes and working through the piled up email in our inboxes we discovered there there where a lot of common questions from visitors to our booth. So we decided to start a blog series that addresses these questions for those who where not at TechEd.

First up: “Do I need to learn PowerShell?”

In a nutshell, YES.

We understand that learning a new language can be a daunting task. The reaction to PowerShell ranges from enthusiasm over the sheer power provided to raised eyebrows over a new “command line?”. Regardless of how you feel about any aspect of PowerShell, it is the de facto standard to administrate the latest versions of Microsoft operating systems and server products.

Other vendors are jumping on board and you will find more and more plugins and modules for various products.

If you are still not sure, look around. See all these other IT guys and admins? They will learn PowerShell and one of them might just take the cool job you want that requires this skill. Can you afford to ignore that?