Announcing: PrimalForms 2011 – The Dedicated PowerShell Editor

Today we are officially announcing PrimalForms 2011. Some of you may have noticed vague mentions of PrimalForms in our previous Feature Peek 2011 blogs without explanation.

So what is PrimalForms 2011?

PrimalForms 2011 is a dedicated PowerShell editor which will replace PrimalForms 2009. This isn’t just a simple name change, it’s an evolutionary change. PrimalForms 2011 builds upon PrimalForms 2009 and adds a plethora of new features and enhancements.

PrimalForms 2011 

Features Include: 

   – Script Debugging

   – Projects and Multi-Form Support

   – Built in Console

   – Snippets

   – Database Browser

   – WMI Browser

   – File Browser

   – Improved PrimalSense

   – Source Control

   – Plus many more features and enhancements

For more details on PrimalForms 2011, please visit the PrimalForms Features Page.

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Step 1: Select the Database Table and click the “Generate Query Form…” menu option

Database Browser - Generate Query Form 

Step 2: Run the generated query form

Generated Query Form