SAPIEN Licensing Policies

Let’s face it, End User Licensing Agreements (EULAs) are a pain in the butt. Long drawn-out legalese that nobody reads (OK, some people read them but they are usually lawyers and they like that kind of stuff.) But for the rest of us, when that EULA dialog pops up in the installer, we pretty much all click “OK” to get past the screen without reading it.

So since you didn’t read that EULA, how do you know what you can and cannot do with the software you just purchased? Well, let’s take a look at the most common questions we answer regarding our EULA.

Q – Is <SAPIEN PRODUCT> licensed per user or per machine?

  • A – All SAPIEN Products are licensed on a PER USER basis. Each user of the software must have a license to use that software. When you purchase any SAPIEN software product, you as the INDIVIDUAL USER are allowed to install that product and use it for the purpose that the product was designed for. So if you purchased PrimalScript, then you can use it to create scripts, package them, debug them, etc. You MAY NOT pass along your license key to another individual or company for them to use.

Q – Can I install <SAPIEN PRODUCT> on multiple machines?

  • A – You MAY install the software and unlock it with your key on another computer for your individual use. So maybe you have it installed on your desktop at the office and you need to do some work at home, because, well, that’s how you roll. GO FOR IT! It is OK with us for you to do that as long as you are the only user and as long as the two installations are not being used simultaneously.

Q – Can I install <SAPIEN PRODUCT> on my server for distribution to or use by multiple individuals?

  • A – This is only OK if you have purchased a MULTI-USER license. So if your need is for 10 individuals to use the product, then you must purchase a 10 user license.

Q – How do I transfer my license to another machine?

  • A – There is no need to “Transfer” a license. Simply uninstall the product from the original computer and install it and unlock it on the new computer. No need to register the license key again as you have already registered it.

Q – Do I need PrimalScript or PrimalForms on every machine where I run scripts?

  • A – No, but you may need specific language components on the target machine such as PowerSell or VBScript executables.

Q – Can I distribute packaged executables without royalties?

  • A – Yes, distribution of packaged executables that you create with PrimalScript or PrimalForms are royalty free.

Q – Do I have to renew my license each year?

  • A – No. SAPIEN software does not carry an annual renewal fee. Purchase of SAPIEN software entitles you to free service build downloads for as long as service builds are generated for that specific product. It does NOT entitle you to free product upgrades (from one version to another) unless you have pre-purchased UPGRADE ASSURANCE with the product.

There is a lot of other stuff in that EULA, things about decompiling, reverse engineering, etc. But really, the above covers 90% of the questions we receive.

You can always check with if you are not sure of your licensing status or if you need to get into compliance. We promise not to yell at you 😉 If you have additional questions, just add a comment below and we will answer it here.