iPowerShell v.2 now available in Apple app store.

iPowerShell v.2 is finished and is now available at the Apple app store (iTunes link) for download.

Don’t know what iPowerShell is? iPowerShell is an easy to use reference tool for users of Microsoft’s PowerShell scripting language for use on the iPhone or iPod Touch. It contains full descriptions of each and every core PowerShell Version 2 cmdlet, their syntax, parameters and examples of proper usage. It also contains the complete set of “about item” help topics as well as provider and alias help.

iPowerShell includes a quick search function that allows the user to type in partial search terms which results in a pared-down list of PowerShell cmdlets that include the term in their name. For instance, typing in “item” returns “Clear-Item”, “Clear-ItemPropery”, “Copy-Item”, etc. A Cancel button resets the search list to the full list. iPowerShell also includes an alphabetical index bar which takes the user at a touch to the cmdlets that start with any specific letter.

iPowerShell v.2 is all new. Below is a list of the major changes to the product.

1. The user interface has been completely rewritten to use a Tab Bar interface separating out cmdlets, aliases, providers and about help.

2. Added the ability to include 3rd party cmdlet libraries and have included VMware PowerCLI cmdlets with more vendors to come!

3. Added the ability to turn individual cmdlet libraries on and off to help de-clutter user interface.

4. Changed cmdlet, alias, provider and about help detail information to display in an HTML view.

5. Added internal linking of “Related Links” in cmdlets detail information so that you can just tap on a related link and see detailed information for that item.

6. Includes internal web browser so tapping on an external web link will not cause a context shift out of application to Safari.

7. 3rd party vendor cmdlets display a unique icon for easy location.

8. Alias list displays both the alias and the expanded command in the list.

9. HTML displays all allow for pinch zoom and unzoom.

10. All lists and detailed displays can be viewed in both portrait and landscape mode.

And BEST OF ALL, its FREE!!!