PrimalForms 2009: Exported Script Formatting

In order to start the planning stages of the next version of PrimalForms, we decided to conduct a review the current version. After gathering user feedback on the subject, we concluded that the script formatting needed a makeover to make it easier for the users to read the final script. In order to address user feedback prior to the release of the next version of PrimalForms, we decided to incorporate these changes in this month’s service build of PrimalForms 2009 (v1.1.4).

The first step we took in the makeover was to define the script’s regions with clear comments and appropriately indent the script’s lines to make it easier to read.

Old Section Comments

Fig. 1: Old Section Comments

New Section Comments

Fig. 2: New Section Comments

Next, we redesigned the generated form code so that each control was cleared labeled and contained within a single section of script. To reduce the total number of lines generated in the script, we streamlined some property assignments to a singe line.


Fig. 3: Old Form Script Formatting


Fig. 4: New Form Script Formatting

The new formatting makes the generated script smaller in size, easier to read, and the best part is that you don’t have to wait to get this update.

Click here to download the latest build.

If you don’t have PrimalForms 2009, download the trial version here.