Installer change for PrimalScript 2009

PrimalScript has a long history of using InstallShield installers (since version 1.0). Having used one installer product since 1997 creates quite a history, so making a change was not an easy decision. With the next service build (5.0.621) PrimalScript 2009 will start to use the same Advanced Installer that all other SAPIEN products are currently using.

The reasons for this are plenty, but the main reason is that this tool allows us to create a more streamlined and error-free upgrade experience for existing installations.

We have done everything we can to make this transition as smooth and effortless as possible, but should you run into any errors, a one-time manual uninstall/re-install should resolve it.

We normally do not endorse third party products on our blog, but for the folks at Caphyon I will make an exception. If you need to create a Windows Installer for anything, please give them a try:

Advanced Installer for Windows Installer

It is a pleasure to work with their well designed UI to create exceptionally stable and easy to use installers.

The new build of PrimalScript 2009 will be available on the first Tuesday of December, December 1st from as usual.