Powershell Help 2.0 Community Edition

Our Powershell Help tool has been a favorite download for quite some time now. The built-in help command in the Powershell console is helpful if you need just some quick lookup, but for browsing and reading the console just isn’t good enough.

The CHM file Microsoft released is a pretty nice graphical way of getting help for the built-in cmdlets but it’s a closed file and information for third party or even other Microsoft snapins is not available and cannot be added.

Cmdlets organized by popular verbs

This new version of our popular Powershell help tool allows importing any xml help file and about files from other vendors and puts all this combined information on your desktop or notebook. Powershell doesn’t even need to be installed in order to use this.

We have a more detailed QuickGuide available here:
PowerShell Help Quick Guide

You can download this version from here in 32 and 64 bit versions: SAPIEN Community Tools

And yes, it is a Community Tool, so it is free with registration.

Here are some more screenshots:

Showing About files

Hyperlinked “Related Links”

Online link
Online Links shown in integrated browser

Search cmdlet help and About articles

Search Results

Show search results and easily navigate between hits.

Import other help xml files or about articles.

Take notes and keep them associated with each individual help topic.