PrimalSQL: Querying a major update

Last month we released a major service update for PrimalForms 2009. This month we will release a major service update for PrimalSQL 2009*.


What querying goodness will this update include?

We made some major improvements to way PrimalSQL queries databases, as well as, a few other changes and additions. Users may experience improved query performance with PrimalSQL’s new asynchronous queries.

What do asynchronous queries mean to me, the user?

Well it means that when you run a query, you no longer have to wait until the query completes. Therefore, you can perform multiple operations at the same time, including running more than one query at a time.

What else will this major service release include?

In addition to asynchronous queries, PrimalSQL 2009 v1.1.0 will include the following:

New Stop Query Button:

Have you ever “accidently” (because you will never do this intentionally) queried a select all statement on a table that has millions of records? Well you need not worry anymore. You will have the ability to stop those rogue queries in their tracks with the new “Stop Query” button.

New Toggle Output Editing Button:

Another addition will be the new “Toggle Output Editing” button, which allows you to quickly switch the Editing/ Read Only mode of the query results. This setting is will also be stored with your saved query files. Although this option will allow you to quickly modify database entries, you can drastically improve query speeds by disabling Output Editing.

New Ribbon Buttons

(Figure 1: New Ribbon Buttons: “Stop Query” and “Toggle Output Editing”)

Default Document Type:

You will also have the option to change the default document type when using the New File command. With this new option, PrimalSQL can open with a SQL Document instead of the default Query Builder.

Other Changes:

Other improvements in this service release will include Unicode support, faster export speeds, and quicker output scrolling for slower database connections. Below you will find the release notes for the upcoming PrimalSQL 2009 v1.1.0 service build.

Version 1.1.0 Release Notes:

ADD: Asynchronous Queries
ADD: Ribbon button to stop the running query
ADD: Toggle Output Editing Button to Ribbon (Ctrl + T) (Triggers a re-query)
ADD: Unicode support (Connections edited or created in this version are not backwards compatible)
ADD: Option to specify the default document type when using the New File command
ADD: Can now drag and drop connections into the SQL Edit
FIX: Column Autosize
UPD: Now hiding the Left tree panel of the Query Builder by default
UPD: Change the PrimalSense List trigger to (Ctrl + Space)
UPD: Improved Export Speed
UPD: Queries run faster with the Read Only option enabled
UPD: Copy Connection String shortcut changed to Ctrl + Alt + C
UPD: Can now edit, rename, and delete connections while they are loading
UPD: Other minor updates and fixes

*Please note that this month’s service builds will be released on a later date than the scheduled Patch Tuesday date (first Tuesday of the month).

Please go to to download the latest builds of your SAPIEN products.