Synchronize folders with PrimalMerge

Ever run into a situation where you have 2 folders with identical file names in them but possibly different content in the files? You really don’t want to have to open each and every file to compare them and then copy the files from one folder to another, right? PrimalMerge to the rescue!

PrimalMerge has the ability to compare complete folders of files and then allows you to synchronize those folders with each other. Let’s take a look at how this is done.

Start off by first opening the two folders that you want to compare. Do this by selecting the Application button and choosing “Open Directory…” from the menu. This option brings up the “Select directories to compare” dialog box. Within this box you can either type in the directory paths that you want to compare or click on the “…” button next to each path to select by browsing folders. Press the “OK” button when your choices have been made.

Select Directories to Compare

PrimalMerge will open a window with 5 columns, showing the list of files from the folders selected. The first column displays the file name with an icon. A red icon indicates that the same file name exists in both folders, but that the file contents are different. This is also indicated in the “Comparison Result” column.


A blue icon indicates that the same file exists in both folders and that they are identical. A half icon indicates that the file exists only in one of the two folders. These states are also displayed in the “Comparison Result” column.  You can use the “Left Date” (first folder) and “Right Date” (second folder) columns to compare which file is newer.

Here is where the magic takes place. Looking carefully at the sample above, you can see that some of the files in the “Right Date” column are newer and marked by an asterisk. Select all of the files in the list. Right click and select “Copy…Right to Left”. Viola! The newer files from the second folder replace the files in the first folder.

This is just a small example of some of the versatility in PrimalMerge. Download a 45 day free trial at