PrimalForms 2009 goes beyond just a forms editor

We have a  major service release this month for PrimalForms 2009. It features significant additions that take PrimalForms beyond just a forms editor.

This service release (v1.1.0) includes the following:

General PowerShell Script Editor

PrimalForms 2009 is no longer limited to forms scripts. You now can create and edit your ps1 PowerShell scripts directly, making PrimalForms 2009 your one stop tool for PowerShell Scripting. Not only can you edit ps1 scripts, but you can also utilize PrimalForms’ packager to convert your ps1 scripts into executables.


Adds New Status Bar

Version 1.1.0 also features other additions that make your user experience with PrimalForms easier, such as the new status bar. In addition to displaying general editing information, such as Caps locks and Read Only flags, the status bar also displays status icons. These icons notify you if PowerShell is installed and if a script is running in Preview or Run mode.


Expands on the Integrated PowerShell Help

The PowerShell Panel now integrates PowerShell’s About Topics for quick and easy access to the help information. Simply click on the desired topic and the help documentation will be displayed in the Help Panel.

About Topics

Additional Changes and Fixes

This major service release also includes other minor feature additions and fixes. Please refer to the release notes below for more information.


Release Notes:

ADD: PS1 Editing capabilities
ADD: Status Bar
ADD: Package Script – Script file that also stores its settings
ADD: About Topics to PowerShell Panel
ADD: Option to Disable PrimalSense’s AutoComplete
ADD: Control selector to Property Panel
ADD: Context menu to Toolbox Panel
ADD: MenuStrip Control to Toolbox
ADD: System.Windows.Forms assembly to Default Assemblies
ADD: ComputerPrompt Example version used in "Getting Started" guide
FIX: Run Shortcut (Ctrl + F5)
FIX: Tooltips for menu items
FIX: Empty Alias list issue with PowerShell v2 RTM
FIX: International Characters Issue with ALT Key and loss of focus
FIX: Control names are now validated for correct input
FIX: Duplicate method entries in Object Browser
FIX: MSDN Help link issue for methods
UPD: Will now auto save when using Run, Preview, or the Packager
UPD: Renamed "Show Export Warnings" to "Disable Export Warnings"
UPD: Help Documentation