ChangeVue to get traditional command-line interface

ChangeVue 2009, SAPIEN Technologies’ source control system, is about to get yet another new way to manage its content: a traditional command line interface! Soon you will be able to manage your existing ChangeVue repositories directly through the CMD.exe console or through traditional batch files. The command line executable, CVC.exe, will be automatically installed when you install ChangeVue. By calling that executable, you will have instant access to over 20 ChangeVue commands.

With this executable you can perform all manner of ChangeVue tasks such as:

  • add and remove projects
  • add and remove files
  • check files in and out
  • get comments and file histories
  • label files and projects
  • perform wildcard searches and pipe results
  • and much more.

The ChangeVue command line executable should be available with the July monthly build release of ChangeVue 2009. Make sure that you download that update to get all of the new ChangeVue command line power!