Updated Windows PowerShell:TFM 3rd edition now available

At long last, we’ve released an updated version of Windows PowerShell: TFM 3rd Ed that covers PowerShell v2 CTP 3. Actually, you’ll find some overlap with the version of PowerShell included in Windows 7 RC1. This version of the book is offered in eBook format as part of our IPO program. Purchasers will receive a free eBook version of the final book when it is published. We will also be offering a print/eBook bundle. If you purchase this through the IPO program, you’ll receive final versions of the book in print and eBook formats.

Given that Microsoft has publicly announced a general release for Windows 7 this fall, PowerShell v2 will be included. We don’t anticipate any interim CTP releases. Hopefully the next release will be the final version of the book. Visit ScriptingOutpost.com to place your order.

We’re excited about this version of the Windows PowerShell: TFM title. It has come a long way from its first incarnation and you can expect to see more changes and revisions before the final release. Get your copy today and be ready to roll with Windows PowerShell v2.0.