Announcing SAPIEN QuickGuides!

As the core technologies we use to do our jobs evolve, becoming more sophisticated and more capable, so then do the tasks that we are expected to accomplish. As an example, with the evolution of PowerShell into V.2 you have a lot more power to do things you were not able to do with V.1. Therefore, the tools that you use to work with these core technologies have to evolve as well.

New users and even experienced users of software may not be fully aware of all of the capabilities of the tools they use. At SAPIEN, it is not unusual to receive support requests asking whether the latest version of PrimalScript supports a specific functionality, which the user is unaware has been in the product for several generations. Feature lists on web sites help somewhat with these issues, but sometimes what the user needs is a tutorial on a process, rather than a feature.

To this end, SAPIEN is introducing SAPIENĀ QuickGuides, downloadable PDFs that focus on using SAPIEN software such as PrimalScript, PrimalXML, etc. Some of these QuickGuides may focus on how to use certain product features, while others will focus on how to accomplish certain tasks. We expect to deliver a QuickGuide at least once a month starting May 2009. QuickGuides will be available for download here. We also have created a forum for users to post QuickGuide requests. That forum is located here.

We look forward to creating useful guides for you and with your suggestions, we hope to create the most useful and useable materials possible.