PowerShell Special Forces Invades Columbus, Ohio

Are you ready Ohio? We’re bringing our intense, one-of-a-kind Special Forces PowerShell training to Columbus, Ohio July 27-29, 2009. We’re looking for up to 15 recruits who want to learn PowerShell from the ground up and aren’t afraid to get their hands duty. This is unlike any other training course you’ve ever taken. Not everyone can meet the requirements, but those that do learn more PowerShell than they realized was possible in three days.

Day 1: What is PowerShell? • Managing Local Services, Processes, and Event Logs • Variables, Expressions, and Operators • Filtering, Sorting, Grouping, Reporting, Exporting, and More • Working with Text and Regular Expressions • Securing the Shell • Local & Remote Management with WMI

Day 2: Input, Output, and Formatting • Scripting Constructs and Basic Modularization • Custom Objects and Advanced Modularization • Managing Active Directory and Local Accounts • Error Trapping and Debugging Techniques

Day 3: Working with XML, Databases and Advanced Tips & Tricks. The class culminates in a series of Real-World Administrative Labs, which bring together all that you’ve learned to a practical climax.

Recruits get a printed copy of Windows PowerShell v1.0: TFM 2nd edition and other training goodies.

But wait..there’s more. We realize some of you already have some PowerShell experience, but perhaps want to take your game to the next level. For you we will be offering a new 2 day Special Forces Advanced Training in Columbus on July 30-31, 2009. This class is for people who have been using PowerShell v1.0 for at least 6 months. This is your opportunity to not only learn a few new things but also pick the brain of a PowerShell MVP, seasoned IT veteran and experienced trainer.

Day 1: The fastest PowerShell Crash Course Ever! Managing the Registry with PowerShell, Permission Management with PowerShell, PowerShell and XML, Database Scripting with PowerShell, Advanced Tips & Tricks and whatever else your drill instructor dreams up. The first day wraps with a practical PowerShell workshop.

Day 2: Managing Directory Services with Windows PowerShell. Learn the ins and outs of managing not Active Directory users, groups and computers, but local users and groups as well. We’ll be exploring practical applications of the freely available Quest ActiveRoles Management Shell cmdlets.

Advanced recruits get an ebook version of Windows PowerShell v1.0: TFM 2nd edition and a printed copy of Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: TFM

The classes are technically separate events, and even though the preference is to have 6 months of experience before taking the Advanced class, students can sign up for the entire week. They’ll save a little money and have more PowerShell knowledge than they’ll know what to do with.

I hope you’ll join me. You can register for any or all of these sessions online at ScriptingOutpost.com.