Want to talk to us?

Just like any company today we have a multitude of ways to get in touch with us. So many in fact, that it is not always easy to pick what is the best for any given occasion.

So let’s list the most common scenarios and give you some places to start.

Information on the latest events and news.

Obviously you are already in the right spot, since you are reading our blog. Subscribing to the RSS feed will keep you up-to-date on news about SAPIEN software, Jeff’s PowerShell and VBScript posts and anything else that might happen here. Please comment if you feel you can contribute to the topic at hand or want us to hear your voice. Do not post product or support question in a comment, they may not be answered or even be read by the individuals you intended them for.

Product support

The best place to get product support is at http://support.sapien.com. A number of forums dedicated to registered users of the various products is constantly monitored and “usually” has a response time of only minutes. If you are not yet a registered customer yet or if you have questions on one of our free tools, the support forums has sections for that too.
I know that some regard a forum as a black hole for support,  but rest assured that this is not the case here. You will getter a faster response time on our support forum than on any email support.

If you do have the need to email us about something that cannot or should not be viewed by the general public, please email to support@sapien.com. During normal business hours that email account is monitored and you should receive an answers as soon as possible. Please do not email AND post in the forum at the same time though.

Customer service

Any questions regarding your account, licensing or general policies are always welcome in the customer service section of our support forum at http://support.sapien.com

Please do not ever post license keys or passwords. If we need your license key for something, please email it to info@sapien.com or sales@sapien.com if your question is directed to our sales dept.

But I want to talk to an actual person

Sometimes you will feel it is easier to talk to an actual live person. You can find our numbers here: http://www.sapien.com/aboutus.asp

Please be aware that we do not employ a large phone pool and you may end up in voice mail. Please leave a brief message about the subject of your call and a phone number (please speak the number slowly) and we will call you back. We really do, so please be patient. Our normal office hours are 9am-5pm (Pacific Standard Time), Monday-Friday. We observe the usual number of holidays, something to take into account when you call from abroad.