Patch Tuesday

Like almost every month, we have released service builds for our products. As we have quite a few new products we will formalize this procedure and always attempt to use the first Tuesday of every month to release any necessary service builds.

The following products and versions have been updated:

PrimalScript 2009
PrimalScript 2007 Enterprise Edition
PrimalScript 2007 Professional Edition
PrimalScript 2007 Standard Edition
ChangeVue 2009
PrimalScope 2009
PrimalXML 2009
PrimalSQL 2009
PrimalMerge 2009
PrimalForms Community Edition

These maintenance releases fix bugs as we become aware of them and sometimes even add new features, if we think it really helps right now rather than having to wait for the next big version.
If you want more details you can go to and look at the changelog for each particular product. Please note that we will only list big issues and not every obscure little bug. So if you see a generic “Various bug fixes and enhancements”, it really only means just that.

It is important to note that these updates are always free for registered users of our product during the entire lifetime of that product version. You can simply go to and log in to download the latest build. It is of course really important that you have registered your license key, otherwise you will not have access to that download.

Last but not least, the question that always comes up:
“Do I HAVE to upgrade each time you release a service build?”

The answer is pretty simple: No.

If you don’t have any problems and nothing major is listed in the changelog, you are probably ok.
Just note your current version if you ever ask for any technical support, so that we can reproduce anything you may encounter more quickly.