Microsoft Update PowerShell v1.0

After a lot of hard work on the PowerShell team’s part, Microsoft has finally made PowerShell v1.0 available as an optional download on Microsoft Update. It will likely only be detected if you have no other versions of Powershell already installed, this includes any CTP release. Obviously you must be running a supported operating system with the latest service pack, which means no Windows 2000, and you must already have the .NET Framework v2.0 installed.  That too should have the latest patches.

MPj04409120000[1] Before you get gung-ho and have spread all this PowerShell goodness in your network, remember it still needs to be configured. Primarily, have you thought about your script execution policy?  I strongly encourage you to download the ADM template for Group Policy from and deploy as necessary to your desktops and servers. These policies will also apply PowerShell v2.0 so even if you are planning on waiting, you can be ready to go.