Announcing PrimalScript 2009 Studio

PrimalScript 2009, PrimalSQL 2009, PrimalMerge 2009 and PrimalScope 2009 have been released and will very shortly be followed by ChangeVue 2009 and PrimalXML 2009. PrimalPackager 2009 will follow soon as well.

If you would like to read up on these individual products, please proceed to, where you will find screenshots and feature lists to answer all your questions.

We have already received numerous requests to simplify purchasing all products in a bundle. So here we go, we are proud to announce PrimalScript 2009 Studio.

It’s the same PrimalScript 2009, bundled with all other 2009 tools all unlocked with one common license key.

If you have already purchased PrimalScript 2009 or upgraded to it, don’t worry, if you want to, you can upgrade to PrimalScript 2009 Studio at absolutely no penalty for just the difference in price.

Watch for updates on purchasing information. If you are purchasing through one of our many certified resellers or channel partners, they will have the product available for you to order shortly.