Look Ma, no editions!

With the release of PrimalScript 2009 we have streamlined the product into one single version rather than three distinct editions. Many users have emailed us over the past few years, expressing that the standard IDE for script should always include all features and the we should make you, our customers, choose.

Quite naturally after the release the most common question we received was: “I have the Enterprise edition, what do I loose when I upgrade?”.

The good news is, nothing. The only built-in feature that was “relocated” in PrimalScript 2009 is the Visual Query Builder. This feature is now only available in PrimalSQL 2009. But you still loose nothing, because any user upgrading from an Enterprise Edition to PrimalScript 2009 also gets a free copy of PrimalSQL 2009.

So basically, spelled out as simple as possible, PrimalScript 2009 is PrimalScript 2007 Enterprise with all the new features and as close to the former PrimalScript 2007 Professional price as we could manage.

The second most common question is: “With all these new products, what do I need to make PrimalScript fully functional?”

The answer is just as simple. Nothing. PrimalScript 2009 is fully functional as it is. But let’s go through the new products one by one and see who and what they are for:

ChangeVue 2009

PrimalScript 2009, like previous versions, has support for version control built in. But it doesn’t provide that functionality. If you work in a team and/or need version control of your source code and data files, look at ChangeVue. If you have been using another source control product with PrimalScript, it will still work.
If you considered replacing your existing source control product, but commercial alternatives are too big and the open source tools seem too complicated, give ChangeVue 2009 a look.

PrimalSQL 2009

PrimalScript 2009 has built-in support for SQL and ad-hoc queries. If that is what you need, PrimalScript 2009 will suffice for you. But maybe on your database servers you need a light-weight and nimble query builder? Maybe the database guy next to you doesn’t really need PrimalScript? PrimalSQL 2009 is the right tool if all you want to work with are databases.

PrimalMerge 2009

PrimalDiff has been a part of PrimalScript for some time now and for 2009 this feature has received a substantial upgrade. Better navigation, comparison speed and syntax colored display just to name a few. PrimalMerge 2009 adds to that the ability to compare and synchronize folders as well as to visually compare and merge files. So the choice is simple, compare files only, PrimalScript will do, if you want to compare and merge files and entire folders, PrimalMerge 2009 is your tool.

PrimalXML 2009

PrimalScript 2009 can open and edit XML files like before. If that has been enough for you, you will be happy to know that we have removed nothing. PrimalXML is a tool for users really focused on XML editing and data manipulation. It provides better search and navigation abilities and is simply THE tool if you work with XML files all day long.

PrimalScope 2009

Now in its third version, PrimalScope adds PowerShell debugging to its abilities. Mind you, we have not removed any debugging abilities from PrimalScript, PrimalScope just delivers it all in a stand-alone package. So if you just develop and debug on one machine, PrimalScript is the tool for you. If you have a large number of servers or client machines you may need to debug on, PrimalScope 2009 gives you the lower cost stand-alone debugging package for these applications.

PrimalPackager 2009

PrimalScript 2009’s script packager has received some featureĀ  updates and still is your best option to deliver your scripts as single file, stand-alone executables. So rest assured that nothing has been removed, on the contrary, we added more options and targets. PrimalPackager 2009 will contain higher encryption options for Enterprise and government users as well as additional delivery options. Please stay tuned for a more detailed announcement.