PrimalXML 2009 Ready for Beta

PrimalXML is now available for beta testing as part of our 2009 lineup of new tools.

PrimalXML is the must have tool for the user who needs to interact with XML but isn’t necessarily an expert XML developer.

PrimalXML document formatting and color coded syntax makes XML viewing and editing even easier. At the touch of a button you can add, copy and remove elements and attributes. With this new tool you are able to validate XML files against a Schema file or apply a Style Sheet and view the results. PrimalXML features easy navigation and search features to find what you are looking for, including the ability to find and replace elements and attributes. It also provides editing assistance with PrimalSense support for XML elements and attributes. Regardless of your knowledge XML, whether novice or expert, PrimalXML makes XML editing and creation a snap.


Primal XML – Easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step 1: Select the text and/or elements

EasyAs123 Step1

Step 2: Add the new element

EasyAs123 Step2

Step 3: The selected item has become the child of the new element.

EasyAs123 Step3

Here are just some highlight of PrimalXML’s feature list:

– Format XML Documents for easy viewing and editing
– Color code syntax for elements and attributes
– Apply StyleSheets and view results in HTML
– Validate XML files against a Schema file
– Navigate Elements via Tree View Navigation or quick keys
– The Element Viewer allows you to quickly edit element attributes
– Move child elements up and down within parent element
– XML PrimalSense for Elements, Attributes, Attribute Values, and Special Characters Codes (i.e. &).
– Makes it quick and easy to add new parent and child elements.
– Copy, Clone, Paste elements and attributes
– Batch Insert new and copied elements
– Easy removal of elements, attributes, and other objects
– File Browser for quick file access
– Find and Replace elements and attributes
– Convert XML files into Templates
– Edit Attribute Values Only Mode prevents the user from inadvertently altering the XML structure
– Support for line bookmarking

PrimalXML 2009 is now available as a download for our beta testers and is scheduled to be released in February 2009.