Windows PowerShell: TFM 3rd Edition.

When the first PowerShell CTP came out, SAPIEN Press began offering the 3rd edition of our popular Windows PowerShell: TFM book. The 3rd edition of the book covers PowerShell version 2. While the version 2 is in CTP status, we’ve been offering the book as an ebook only. Once the PowerShell v2.0 officially ships, then everyone who has a ebook version will get a copy of the final printed book.

With each CTP release, the book is updated. Of course by now you probably heard that CTP3 has been released.  We know you are eager to get your hands on the new material and we are eager to get it to you. There are a number of significant changes between CTP2 and CTP3 and I have to juggle the revisions with my other projects. I can’t promise a delivery date right now, but rest assured revisions are being worked on and I want to get them to you as soon as I can.

You can learn more about this book here.  In the meantime, if you want to start learning PowerShell v1.0, then by all means check out Windows PowerShell v1.0: TFM 2nd Edition.

Thanks your continued interest and patience.