SQL Live

PrimalScript 2009 sports a modified version of the Query results window you know from the 2007 version.

Instead of just being able to run SQL queries from a SQL file you can just type queries in the provided combo-box:


The combo-box of course is there to keep a history of your queries so you don’t have to type them over an over again while experimenting.
With this improvement of the Query window you can experiment and fine tune any query you have and verify its results against a live data source. Once you got it right, you can confidently copy it to your script.

The database people amongst you now obviously have some questions.

– How does it know what database to connect to?

The database toolbar now has a combo-box which allows you to select the current data source for a query.


This way you can also quickly alternate the data source and verify your query results against multiple connections.

– Where do I define the data sources in this connection combo-box ?

Very easy, in the database browser you are familiar with from PrimalScript 2007. Anything you set up there shows up in this combo-box.

– What type of databases can I connect to?

Virtually anything ADO can connect to. The functionality and speed may vary with the particular provider. We test with MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.

– Are the query results live?

Yes, the returned data is live and you can actually just type in the grid and modify data. The grid is in a virtual mode and fetches only displayed records, so that performance is not impacted by large result sets.

If you have any other questions or suggestions for the next version of PrimalScript, please use our support forum at http://support.sapien.com. There is a special wish list section available to everybody. Registered user of course can use the normal PrimalScript Technical support forum.