Shell me, Bash me

In the last blog posts you have already seen that PrimalScript 2009 will have an integrated PowerShell command window.

With PowerShell storming the charts, command line environments experience a bit of a renaissance. From a script development perspective it makes perfect sense to have a prompt ready in order to try out a command. If you are using any shell scripting language, this can be very convenient.


A PowerShell instance

As much as we love PowerShell, we did not want to limit you to one specific shell only.
So instead of PowerShell you can have good old CMD.exe as your shell to issue quick commands, like those famous one-liners Jeffery Hicks shares here:


A basic CMD.exe Shell

Some of you may gravitate more towards the UNIX area and prefer BASH (Bourne Again SHell) or a copy of 4DOS.


A Cygwin BASH instance

The command window options dialog lets you set what colors and font you would like to use in your shell window.


But of course you can have no shell at all if that is not your thing, without any impact. Simply hide the Command window and it won’t run any extra processes or consume additional resources.