Upgrade policies

Now that PrimalScript 2009 has been announced we get plenty of emails asking what the upgrade policy is. So I’ll answer as many questions as I can today:

1. Free upgrades:

– If you bought PrimalScript 2007 (any edition) on or after
  November 1st 2008 you will get a free upgrade.
  This free upgrade offer will expire March 31st 2009.
  You will be able to exchange your registered license key
  at my.sapien.com after the release.

– If you have upgrade assurance you will be able to
  exchange your PrimalScript 2007 key for a PrimalScript
  2009 key at my.sapien.com without any time limit.

2. Paid upgrades:

– PrimalScript 2007 users who purchased a copy prior to
   November 1st 2008 can upgrade to PrimalScript 2009
   for a fee. Prices will be published at
at the time of release.

– Users of PrimalScript versions prior to 2007 receive
   a 30% discount on PrimalScript 2009 purchases. Please
  note that you must be a registered user and/or have a
valid license key. You will receive further instructions via
  email at the time of release.

3. Release date:

– Scheduled release date for all new 2009 software is
February 1st 2009. If anything causes this date to move
  for whatever reason, you will read it here first.

As always, if you are not clear what you have, ordered 5 minutes before midnight November 1st or other close calls, please feel free to email sales@sapien.com. Please keep in mind that the folks there are very busy right now and your answer may take a day or two.

Now, if you have made it down to here and you don’t have PrimalScript yet, check out this month’s special on www.scriptingoutpost.com