It’s in the service builds.

In our current beta tester survey we included the following question:

“Last but not least, if there is ONE feature you could convince us to add, what would that be?”

One user replied that he would like PrimalSense for PowerShell parameters as soon as he types a – character and that already used parameters are excluded from that list.

Truth is, that is a very nice feature. And it already existed for a while in PrimalScript 2007:


This was introduced at some point during the life time of PrimalScript 2007 in a service build. Many users miss out on free improvements by switching off the automatic upgrade check in PrimalScript.

As opposed to some other software products, PrimalScript does not create a tray application or some background process that uses bandwidth and resource for no reason whatsoever. The update check is launched when necessary in the specified time interval and exits if there is nothing is report.

So do yourself a favor and go to Help – Automatically check for updates and enable it. (You may get a prompt from your firewall software to allow Check4Updates.exe through)