PrimalScript Samples


Here’s another tidbit about PrimalScript that you may not be aware of.  Not only does PrimalScript offer a large number of code snippets that you can drag and drop into your scripting or development project, but it also includes a large number of complete sample scripts.

These scripts are written in a variety of languages and cover a variety of topics. There are complete HTML application (HTA) files for managing Exchange 2003, VBS scripts to enumerate service accounts and move a file, and PowerShell scripts to modify the registry, to name just a few.

You should be able to use these script samples as jumping off points for your own projects or as learning tools for different languages, techniques and technologies. You can find the files by opening the Samples Browser panel. If you can’t find the panel in PrimalScript, select View – Browser Panels from the menu to open it. 

I hope you find these samples useful. Of course, please use the forums at for help in all your scripting projects.