SAPIEN Announces PrimalMerge 2009

We are proud to announce PrimalMerge 2009 as one of the new tools in SAPIEN’s 2009 product lineup.


PrimalMerge 2009 provides an indispensable tool  for anyone working with source code, any type of text file or even just files and folders. Here are just some of the features:

  • – Compare individual files or entire folders in one easy to use environment.
  • – Merge, delete, and edit individual differences to create compound versions of your files.
  • – Syntax highlighting for major file type makes navigation in source code easier and differences can be analyzed faster.
  • – Integration with PrimalScript and other SAPIEN products provide you with an easy transition between tools.
  • PrimalMergeDirectory

Beta testing for PrimalMerge 2009 will start soon, if you are interested in participating, please head over to our beta tester signup page at

PrimalMerge 2009 is scheduled to be released by February 1st 2009.