Announcing ChangeVue 2009

We are proud to announce another new product for the new 2009 tool lineup: ChangeVue 2009

Using source control is an indispensable safety net for any professional developer, regardless of programming language or file size. Not only does source control provide an inherent backup mechanism by storing versions of any file you add to a repository, it also provides an effective means of coordinating who works on what in a team.

ChangeVue 2009 provides a lightning fast, set-up in minutes way of adding source code control to your environment. No matter whether you work alone, or in a small team, ChangeVue 2009 can adapt to your needs. For larger team size you can scale up to the server edition of ChangeVue.


Some of the major features include:

  • – Simultaneous connections to multiple repositories support enhanced project management.
  • – A tabbed multi-document user interface allows you to view and edit multiple file histories, difference views, search results, text and binary editors and more, all at the same time.
  • – Add files, and folder structures to your repository with a single command.
  • – Microsoft Source Code Control API (MSCCAPI) support allows ChangeVue to plug into many major IDEs, such as Visual Studio and PrimalScript and a number of popular editors.
  • – An integrated syntax coloring editor makes minor adjustments easy and effortless.
  • – Enhanced speed and control for standard version control operations like Get Latest Version, Check Out, Check In, Undo Check Out and others.
  • – Flexible difference tools allow you to view local/repository or version differences with syntax coloring.
  • – View and manage histories of individual files or entire folders.
  • – Easy to use search features enable flexible searched based on file names, comments or status.
  • – Simple drag and drop operations make moving or copying files, folder or projects easy and fast.
  • – Our exclusive folder/repository synchronization view makes updating your local environment easy and quick.

Beta testing for ChangeVue 2009 will start soon, if you are interested in participating, please head over to our beta tester signup page at

ChangeVue 2009 is scheduled to be released by February 1st 2009.