How to become a SAPIEN beta tester

We are preparing quite a number of new products and versions for 2009, so naturally we also want to test these products in a live environment.

If you are developing scripts for administrative purposes, do any type of web development, database work or maybe just are are the go-to guy in your IT department, we would like to invite you to beta test our new products.

Of course we have to point out that beta level software can have flaws and should not ever be used in a production environment.

If you are a current customer and you have a valid, registered license key, you can simply head over to and sign up. Please make sure you take our survey while you are there.

If you are NOT a customer, send us an email to and let us know why you should be a beta tester.

What’s in it for you you ask? Well, for one you get to see really cool things before anyone else does. If that is not enough thrill, you may even be able to influence the next version or maybe, just maybe, a last minute feature addition.

For the really really helpful guys we always have some cool prizes and free versions in store. So what are you waiting for?