PowerShell Production Poll

powershell-sample If you’ve been to the SAPIEN blog in the last few days, hopefully you’ve noticed the simple poll: “Are you using PowerShell in a production environment?”  Right now 75% of respondents are using PowerShell today to manage their network. I’m curious about the other 25%. I’m not passing judgement but am genuinely interested why an organization is NOT using PowerShell.  Here are some reasons I can think of and I expect there others I haven’t considered:

  • We don’t see PowerShell’s value or have nothing to manage that requires it.
  • We don’t have the training or experience to deploy it.
  • It’s coming, but is a low priority.
  • Management doesn’t recognize/understand/appreciate PowerShell.
  • We’re waiting for PowerShell v2.0.

Are these the reasons for the other 25%?  Or what else is holding back adoption?  I’m sincerely interested. Oh, and if you haven’t voted yet, please do.  Thanks.