Techmentor NYC Wrap Up

Sorry you didn’t make it to the Big Apple for the last Techmentor conference. It was a small and intimate show which I always like because it is easier to talk with attendees and answer questions.  Plus your odds are increased for all the freebies, include free books!

Here’s a taste of what you missed:

My first session was Managing Active Directory Users with Windows PowerShell. Much of the material and demo scripts were taken from my new book (which should be out any now…really).  I showed how to use the ADSI type accelerator and the Quest cmdlets to create user accounts, manage group membership, deal with passwords, and bulk management.

My second session was actually a lot of fun I thought. Mr. Roboto‘s Funk-a-delic Resource Kit introduced people to a wide range of tools, many free, to meet all sorts of admin needs. My Mr. Roboto philosopy is “See a need, fill a need”. I especially like solutions that are free and easy to use.

My third session of the day as using WMI and PowerShell to work to do performance monitoring and working with events. This was definitely an advanced topic but there are some great things you can do in PowerShell to get performance data. You can also use PowerShell and WMI to watch for events like when a new process starts on a new machine or when a service stops. I’m very intrigued by this topic and hope to blog about this more in the next few weeks.

My last session was co-run with Don Jones on securing Windows PowerShell. If this session doesn’t put the fear of God into you about signing all your scripts, nothing will. PowerShell is obviously here today and will only extend its reach into your enterprise. Now is the time to secure it.

I still need to pull all my demos together and get them uploaded. Once I do, I’ll blog about where to download them. And if you want a second chance, I’ll be doing these sessions and a whole lot more in Las Vegas (Oct 13-17).

Hope to see you there!