The road ahead and the path traveled

As our development team gets ready to focus entirely on PrimalScript 2009 and some other, still very secret, new products, it is time to look back on PrimalScript 2007’s path. It is hard to believe it has only been one year.

Since its initial release in August 2007 a total of 39 new features have been added through the monthly service builds (taken from the change log):

1. ScriptPackager can now produce signed executable files.

2. ScriptPackager now supports injecting a manifest file into generated executable files.

3. ScriptPackager now supports setting the version information of the generated exe.

4. PowerShell functions (e.g. clear-host, man) now colored and with tooltip

5. Option run/debug PowerShell scripts in a local or global scope

6. Option to load a specific profile when debugging PowerShell scripts.

7. enable/disable open files being treated as pseudo project

8. Support for PowerShell multi-line comments per CTP

9. Global variables, class and local variables (incl. parameters) now have a separate coloring scheme (does not apply to all languages)

10. Declared variables, classnames, function names and numbers are now colored with a specific customizable color

11. Support for PowerShellASP files, see for more information

12. Control for CSV editing and display included with PrimalToys

13. Integrated PowerShell debugger

14. Added Find All feature to regular find.

15. Registry files are now a supported file type

16. PrimalSense for PowerShell operators added.

17. WSH files now recognized by Script Packager.

18. Multi-line input in find and replace dialogs.

19. PowerShell scripts now prompt for parameters when run within PrimalScript.

20. Add PowerShell access for VBScript/JScript developers

21. Execute PowerShell in background when running scripts

22. Add PowerShell to the supported languages in the Database Wizard

23. Improved PrimalSense for .NET types in PowerShell

24. Added PrimalSense for COM objects in PowerShell scripts.

25. Add coloring support for ADM / ADMX files

26. Line Numbers in File Compare

27. Add Lua syntax coloring

28. Allow use and expand environment variables in script packager settings

29. Add ability to execute selection in PowerShell

30. FTP component added to PrimalScript and PrimalToys redistributable

31. Free FTP component adds functionality (directory handling, rename, remove etc.,)

32. Add topic to “Run Script” dropdown menu to switch between CScript and WScript for VBS and JS files

33. Redesigned startpage to show recent files and workspaces

34. Ability to run a simple sql query file or selection and see the results.

35. Enhanced file history options to ignore specific folders or remote files.

36. ToolScan should add available MSC files to Admin group in Tools Browser

37. Added switch to RSEE Service executable (-?) to show version

38. Revised RSEE dialog shows current profile and adds descriptions to machine names.

39. Samples Browser now full size for better navigation.

That’s an average of 3 completely free new items a month! Among them are quite large items like the new PowerShell debugger, free components, enhanced wizards, new exciting technology like PowerShell access for VBScript and sometimes just a small improvement, like adding multi-line input boxes to the find and replace dialog.

Regardless of what it was, a large number of these where prompted by user input and our way of saying “Thank you” is to announce that we will continue providing this same level of support with the next generation of PrimalScript. Please make sure to visit and post in the wish list forum so we know what we can do for you.

Now, as PrimalScript 2007 moves into maintenance-only mode, previous versions also shift in their support level:

PrimalScript 4.1 moves into critical support mode, meaning only severe issues will be addressed.

PrimalScript 4.0 joins all previous PrimalScript versions and is no longer eligible for technical support.

If you have a license key for PrimalScript 4.0 or later and it is registered at, you can always download the latest service build for your version there.

If you are interested in helping with testing PrimalScript 2009, please keep an eye on our blog at and watch for beta test invitations. We will also use this newsletter to keep you posted about some of the major news.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to post in our support forum or email to If you have sales related questions, please email to