VMWare Book Reviewers

I hope the interest in reviewing Hal’s VMWare book is a sign of general interest.  Thanks to all who sent in requests. At this point I think we have all that we need.  If you made the cut you’ll get an email with a logon id and additional instructions.  Also to clarify a requirement, reviewers will need EITHER ESX or VMWare Server.  Not both. The original post may have been a little confusing.

UPDATE #1 Thanks to all the people who have requested a slot.  I wish I could use you all but I’ll have to narrow down the list. If you don’t make the cut, I trust you won’t hold it against me. I try to have a cross section of experiences, industries and geography.

 UPDATE #2 Invitations have gone out to selected reviewers. I truly appreciate everyone’s interest. If you haven’t received an email by now then know that you are on my alternate list.  If reviewers start dropping out I may have to go to the bench. In which case SAPIEN will be in touch.