Scripting/SysAdmin Meme

I saw that Kirk Munro called me out on on Steven Muraski’s Scripting/SysAdmin meme . Here’s my contribution to the meme.

How old were you when you started using computers?

I probably didn’t start using computers until late in college (which was a very long time ago in computer time.

What was your first machine?

My first computer experiences were with a DEC PDP-11. The first computer I truly owned myself was a Dell Inspiron P200 laptop.

What was the first real script you wrote?

I think it was a DOS 3.3 batch file to backup some files.

What scripting languages have you used?

Batch, KixTart, VBScript, Perl, PowerShell.  Do WordPerfect 5.1 macros count?

What was your first professional sysadmin gig?

I worked briefly as a legal assistant which included managing the few office computers and automating a ton of paperwork.

If you knew then what you know now, would have started in IT?

IT was a later career choice that I don’t regret. I’ve met some pretty cool people, traveled and helped people. I like being behind the scenes making things happen.

If there is one thing you learned along the way that you would tell new sysadmins, what would it be?

Never stop reading and learning. You must stay on top of the IT world if you want to keep your job and get ahead. When I had to do tech interviews, I always asked what technical magazines, journals or books they liked to read. It was very clear that the candidate who read nothing was the least likely to be deficient in other areas as well.

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had scripting?

That’s a hard one. I’d have to say I get the biggest bang when I can write something that gets the most amount of work done with the least amount of code.  That’s why I love PowerShell.

Who am I calling out?

Don Jones

Thomas Lee

Darren Mar-Elia

Mark Minasi