PowerShell Debugger included in the next service build

The upcoming service build for PrimalScript 2007 (Professional and Enterprise editions) will include a PowerShell debugger.

For those of you who cant wait, here is a screenshot showing a sneak peek:

PowerShell Debugger


It does support the usual functions you expect, Step In, Step Out, Step Over, Run to cursor, breakpoints, call stack, automatic variable view etc.

Note that this is a debugger for PowerShell 1.0.  PowerShell fans will be interested to hear that 90% of this new feature was actually created in PowerShell itself.

A few improvements will have to wait for the next version of this, like exploring objects and modifying variable values, but this is just too helpful for debugging your more complex scripts.

The new service build should be available within this week. Please watch our blog for further release notes.