TechEd 2008 Day 2

Day 2…

I am actually writing this the morning of day 3, since yesterday left no time to sit down and write anything. It was a VERY busy day. The show floor was very busy. And although it was punctuated with occasional lulls, it was during those times that I was typically out of the booth speaking one-on-one with various people.

While I love the fact that we are very busy, this has the unfortunate side effect of not allowing time to attend any of the sessions. So I can’t really report on what is going on at those sessions.

The highlight of the day for me was the PowerShell Community dinner event hosted by Quest. Thank you to everyone at Quest for putting on this very nice event at the Portobello Yacht Club in Downtown Disney and for the opportunity to finally put some faces to the voices I have heard over the phone for a while now. Most of the PowerShell Community members were there with a few exceptions.

Unfortunately I was not able to spend the whole evening with this wonderful group, as I was committed to attend another event. So I schlepped off to the TechNet Magazine dinner and party at the Lux Ultra Lounge. Didn’t quite make the dinner (and I had no desire to eat any more anyway) but I did make the after dinner party. It was a great place to see some old familiar faces and to meet some new (to me) professionals in the field. Thanks to everyone at TechNet magazine for this opportunity.