PowerShell v2: New CTP

At Microsoft Management Summit yesterday, Jeffrey Snover announced a new Community Technology Preview (CTP) build of Windows PowerShell v2. This new release offers improved remoting, transactional operations support, improved script cmdlets, and much more – it’s worth checking out.

Here at SAPIEN, we’re announcing that Windows PowerShell v2.0: TFM has been updated to reflect this new release. If you’ve already purchased the eBook, log into my.sapien.com and download it again to receive the latest manuscript. Remember, owners of this eBook can always log into download the latest version, right through the final release of v2.0.

Our v2 book is the perfect way to quickly dive into new features and start playing with them – giving you the ability to provide actionable feedback to Microsoft during this crucial testing phase. And you’re not just asked for feedback on product bugs, but also on general design. So dive right into the new CTP and help Microsoft make it the best Windows administrative tool ever – and let Windows PowerShell v2.0: TFM help!

And here’s news: Once v2 finally releases, we’ll offer a discount on the print edition of our book to anyone who has purchased the electronic edition – just log onto my.sapien.com for information. The final combined price will be the same as our usual pricing for electronic+print book bundles – meaning you can use the eBook to quickly learn v2 as it develops, and get the final print and electronic books at a great price later!