A New PowerShell v2 CTP?

Jeffrey Snover has been posting blog entries that are leading up to a new CTP of Windows PowerShell v2. Keep in mind that we’ll be updating Windows PowerShell v2.0: TFM at the same time! So if you’ve bought it in the past, watch for an announcement, here in this blog, when a new revision is available. 

Why buy a book about a product that isn’t out, yet? First, it’s a great way to get deep into the CTP quickly, and start testing new features. THIS is the time when the PowerShell team can make use of your feedback on HOW things work – so the faster you can dive in and start playing, the faster you can get actionable comments to the team. Our book helps you do that.

Second, v2 will release someday – would you rather start learning about it THEN, or be ahead of the curve and already know how to leverage it’s great new features on day one? In other words – be a proactive superhero, or a reactive "follower?" (grin) 

We’re committed to keeping the v2 book updated with each new CTP release, and when you purchase the eBook you’ll be able to download each revision we post right through (and including) the final release.