PowerShell v2 Book: Reviewers Needed

Please read this post in its entirety before responding!

As you may know, Jeff Hicks and I have been working on a 3rd edition of our Windows PowerShell: TFM book, which focuses on v2.0 of PowerShell. Of course, PowerShell v2 isn’t released yet, but it is available as a Community Technology Preview (CTP). So we’ve been writing the book to match the CTP, and each time Microsoft releases new CTP bits, we revise the book accordingly. Anyone who purchases the book (in electronic form only, for now) is able to download each successive update – and that will continue right through the final v2.0 release, whenever that happens to be.

We’re nearly at a stage where we’ll begin looking for reviewers from the community, so we’re inviting you to participate. There are some requirements you will want to review very carefully:

  • You must be able to install and use the latest PowerShell v2.0 CTP, which may require you to also install an operating system like Windows Server 2008. The CTP cannot be used in a production environment.
  • We will not respond to bugs or issues in the CTP code; our goal is to document how the final product works – at this point, bugs are to be expected, and we aren’t going to document them.
  • If you participate, you’ll be given access to a single chapter at a time. You’ll be asked to review it thoroughly before being given the next chapter. You are typically expected to submit a review within 2 business days of being given a chapter. 
  • You may not be given access to the entire book – we may split the reviewers into multiple parallel teams.

Our primary goal at this point is to (a) spot technical errors in our descriptions and examples, and (b) identify topics that we’re not covering, or which we’re not covering deeply enough. 

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to errata (at) sapien (dot) com. The subject of your e-mail must be PowerShell v2 Review in order for it to be properly routed. We anticipate beginning reviews in May – please don’t expect to hear from us until then. If you’re accepted into the review, you’ll receive an e-mail with instructions for participating. 

If you submit detailed, useful reviews for each chapter that you’re given, you’ll receive a free copy of the ebook once the review is complete and we’ve posted an updated version. You’ll also be eligible to review new and changed chapters from forthcoming CTP milestones; if you stick with us through to the final release of PowerShell v2, you’ll receive a free print copy of the book and a $100 American Express gift card.

Please note that we will drop reviewers who do not review chapters in a timely fashion, who are not providing useful, actionable feedback, or who are ignoring participation and review instructions. We will maintain a "wait list" so that if spots open up, new folks can be accepted into the review program.

Please note that you are expected to treat any chapters given to you as confidential, copyrighted materials. Each file is uniquely watermarked in various ways, including occasional deliberate minor typos and other elements. You are not permitted to share, discuss, or distribute the files in any way except as directed by SAPIEN Press.

So… if you’re interested in participating, send us an e-mail as directed. We’ll start assembling our list and getting chapters together for review!