Suggest a city for SPECIAL FORCES training

Disappointed that our SPECIAL FORCES live training is in Chicago and not your home town (not that Chicago isn’t worth a visit)? Why not suggest a city for future SPECIAL FORCES training? Just visit to suggest your city – although be forewarned that we’re not currently planning additional classes for 2008 (so if you want training sooner, check out our Chicago class), and we will select cities based on popularity as well as logistic concerns such as facilities, affordability, and so forth.

We may not be able to offer more than 2-3 classes per year, so if you have colleagues who are interested in the training, get them to second your suggestion – the more folks interested in a city, the more we’ll pay attention! We’ll send you an e-mail if your city is selected (and we won’t e-mail you for other reasons), and we’ll give you a short head start on registering for the class, too, since you suggested the city.

When suggesting a city, please read the instructions carefully. There aren’t many of them, but they’re very important to making sure your vote counts properly.