New Classroom Training – WINDOWS POWERSHELL SPECIAL FORCES, Most Intense PowerShell Training Available

We’ve created a new classroom training product that is open for registration beginning today. Our first class in this new format will be a 3-day class in downtown Chicago, this August 4-6, 2008. Registration is now open.

You can read full information at, and you can register at PLEASE read through the description (the first link) before registering – this class isn’t something that every administrator will be able to handle, and we don’t want you registering if you’re not ready for something this intense.

Basically, this is the most intense, in-depth, and real-world PowerShell training we’ve ever created. It’s a very different kind of class: We’re not using projectors, screens, and PowerPoint slides, and we’re not providing rinky-dink "lab machines." Instead, you’ll bring your own laptop, and we’ll provide you with virtual machines to complete your labs in (meaning you get to keep the lab results). You instructor’s demos – and there are a TON of them – are beamed directly to your screen, so you get an up-close and personal view. Your instructor doesn’t just lecture – he moves around the room, working with you to complete real-world tasks.

Absolutely every single example, no matter how small, is drawn from real-world production environments, making every last thing you learn immediately applicable. We don’t teach any concepts on their own; everything is accompanied by a legitimate, real-world task that puts the concept to work immediately. 

And these three days are CRAMMED with information. We’ll provide a Continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day to keep you going, and you’ll need it. Lunch is a WORKING lunch (we can’t afford to take an hour off – there’s too much to cover), and we go for a solid NINE hours (8:30 to 5, including lunch, with a couple of short breaks) each and every day. If you’re the type of person who winds up having to spend half your day in e-mail or on your Blackberry, even when you’re out of the office, this probably isn’t the right class for you. 

Class size is limited to just 15 students, providing each person with an incredibly personal experience. I’ll be leading the class – if you’re curious, I’ve designed the class, as well. The book I co-authored, Windows PowerShell: TFM (2nd Edition), is the course manual and is included with the class. 

While no prior PowerShell experience is necessary – we start at ground zero – I have to stress that this class is not for everyone. It’s designed to be very intense, very information-packed, and very, very real-world. If you’re familiar with the concept of "boot camp" training – well, this goes a few steps beyond that, which is why we called it SPECIAL FORCES TRAINING. I’m going to pack a lot of very practical information and techniques into your head, and make absolutely sure you walk out of the class with – well, with your head spinning a little, but also with a ton of information that you can put to use in your workplace the very next day. 

Will you leave this class knowing as much as I do about PowerShell? Well, not quite – but darn close. Seriously. As you work I’ll be sharing every tip, trick, "gotcha," and background information and can possibly provide. That’s another thing that makes this such a valuable and unusual class – I will dump every bit of that real-world, undocumented information that you can soak up. That’s the stuff that you really need, too – the things you only find out through long, painful experience. Did you see the episode of Stargate SG-1 where the alien machine grabbed Jack (Richard Dean Anderson) O’Neill’s head and dumped the knowledge of the Ancients into his brain? That’s basically this class. I promise not to grab too hard.

This may well be the only time we offer this class in 2008, and with only 15 seats available you do not want to miss out – register quickly. Discounts are available if you bring 3 or more people in on the same order, so team up with some other folks in the office to save a bit. 

And if you’re hoping we bring this class to another city, either in late 2008 (it’s possible, but not likely – teaching this is going to be extremely intense and I’m not sure how many classes I can handle within a short time frame) or in 2009, then send an e-mail to training (at) sapien (dot) com with the city of your choice (honestly, Continental US only – taking this out of the country is going to be really tough unless you’ve got at least 5-6 folks ready to sign up). We can’t promise we’ll make it to your city, but we’ll definitely make it a top priority.

Folks, I’ve been teaching Windows PowerShell since it existed as a product. I’ve designed courseware for SAPIEN and for others, and have probably delivered more than 30 weeks worth of training to literally hundreds and hundreds of individuals. This class will blow away everything I’ve done before – it will truly be an amazing experience, I promise. I’ve spent a ton of time thinking about classroom dynamics, how people learn, what blocks people run into as they learn, and more, and this class is designed to provide an extremely high-end experience that truly breaks new ground in training. 

Will we still continue to offer our regular classroom training, like the upcoming class in Las Vegas this March? You bet. Those classes – which range from 2 to 5 days depending on how deep we’re going – are less intensive, meaning I can get through them without getting so exhausted. Those classes are also appropriate for a much wider audience – you’ve got to be a VERY serious IT Pro in order to consider the SPECIAL FORCES training, and you have to seriously appreciate the concept of "hard core." So yes, we plan continue offering our great regular classes, and that same courseware is available to your local independent training provider, if they want to start running the same classes.

Because this is such a special, focused class, it is NOT AVAILABLE ELSEWHERE – other companies using SAPIEN/ courseware are offering our standard classes, not this SPECIAL FORCES TRAINING. Frankly, I don’t know of many trainers who could really deliver this SPECIAL FORCES TRAINING and we don’t currently have any plans to offer it to other trainers or training companies.

Okay – this was long-winded. Hope you made it through. Check our WINDOWS POWERSHELL SPECIAL FORCES TRAINING without delay – we anticipate a quick sellout! (By the by – if you’re worried about whether or not seats are available when you register, don’t. If the registration page is available, seats are available – once the class fills, the registration page automatically stops taking more registrations).