Securing Windows PowerShell

 Do you know how PowerShell can be used against you? Do you know the safest settings, and the ways to make scripting both possible AND secure? Do you know how your PowerShell profiles – even if you haven’t made one – can be used as an insertion point for malware, if PowerShell is configured incorrectly? 

Well, I’ll be happy to tell you. I’m doing an entire session on Windows PowerShell security, in fact, at TechMentor San Francisco next month (March). I’ve gotten the conference to offer almost $700 off the price of a Gold Passport full-access registration – just register using promotional code TPJON. I’ll even go you one better: Bring a printout of your registration confirmation, showing your use of the promotional code, to the conference and I’ll give you your choice of a SAPIEN Press book, right then and there (while supplies last). 

I’m doing bunches of other sessions on PowerShell, Windows Fundamentals (like Kerberos – do you really know how that works under the hood?) and other topics – the conference Web site has full details. There are, of course, other speakers (like SAPIEN’s own Jeffery Hicks) presenting on other key topics, too. 

See you in SFO!