Online Windows PowerShell Training

 We are going to offer an online training course in Windows PowerShell, with registration opening next month and classes beginning in late June. Our initial class will be on Windows PowerShell Fundamentals, although we’ll follow-on with an Intermediate and then Advanced course, as well. Full details will be announced once registration is available.

The really important thing is that we’ll be limiting the class to just thirty students. So keep an eye on this blog for the announcement, and don’t wait too long to sign up – we’re anticipating a sellout pretty quickly.

Some highlights:

  • The majority of the "lecture" will actually be delivered using self-paced video training. We’ll provide you with HD-quality video training and assign specific modules to be completed before each online meeting. You’ll also complete hands-on labs on your own, using the provided lab guide.
  • The class will meet twice weekly for about an hour, giving you time to ask questions. During this time the instructor will also cover key points, including live demonstrations, and review lab answers. On each designated meeting day, you’ll be able to attend either (but not both) a morning or later-afternoon class (US Pacific time), to help better meet the variety of schedules folks have. We’re thinking 9:30am and 4:30pm Pacific (GMT -8:00), right now. Those times aren’t locked in, but it’ll be in those neighborhoods. 
  • Training materials have to be shipped – sorry, but the video is just too big for downloading to be even remotely feasible. However, EVERYTHING is on disc, so shipping should be fairly reasonable since it’s not heavy.
  • You have the option to buy physical materials, but the class comes with the Windows PowerShell: TFM e-Book.
  • You have between-meeting access to a private online forum, where instructors lurk throughout the day to answer questions you may run into.
  • You’ll be able to perform all labs on a Windows XP or higher computer, without using a virtual machine – although you’re welcome to use a VM, if you prefer. We include instructions for setting up a VM based on one of Microsoft’s free eval VMs of Windows Server 2008.
  • Pricing will come in at around $400 for the Fundamentals class, which is a four-week class (eight meetings). 
  • The one detail we’re a bit hazy on is how you’ll call into the audio portion. Right now we can choose either a toll line or a VoIP line, but we can’t mix and match the two. That’s supposed to be solved by the time the class runs, though, so you could choose either. My personal concern is that the VoIP line will fritz out one someone and leave them with no option, so I really want to have the toll line. Worst case, you could use something like Skype to call the toll line cheap/free, if you wanted to and if it got you the quality you wanted.
  • Each online meeting will be recorded, including audio, and you’ll be able to review it for the duration of the class.
  • You get to keep all your self-study materials, giving you a really solid and valuable reference and refresh option.
  • A downside is that the high-def video training, as well as VMs (if you want to use them), require a pretty decent system. We’re setting up a "system requirements test" page so that you can test your computer before you register, to make sure the video quality is okay for you, along with other requirements. Generally if you’ve got a decent graphics card and a somewhat new-ish computer, you should be fine; I think anything running Vista should be super. If you can play back 720p movie trailers from, I think you’ll be fine. You *do* need a minimum screen resolution of 1280×720 since that’s the video size (although if you own QuickTime Pro – $30 – you can resize the video to fit on a smaller screen).
  • The self-study materials also come with an iPod version. It’s too little to make out screen captures (like PowerShell demos), but the slide text and animations are all right, and obviously the audio’s fine. Might make a nice way to review the previous evening’s materials while on the way to work, or something.

Anyway, full details, explanations, pricing, and everything else are coming very soon. We just have to get the new registration system in place. But seriously – we’re expecting a sellout on this one based on initial interest, so keep your eyes peeled. We toyed with the idea of a larger class, but we really want to be able to give everyone the attention they deserve. If this first one goes well, we might run multiple parallel classes in the future to meet demand.

We really appreciate everyone’s input on our online training survey – it really helped put this program together. We do realize that we’re not offering something that will please EVERYONE – but based on the survey and folks we’ve talked to, this should please the MAJORITY of folks. You’re welcome to comment – we always appreciate our customers’ feedback!