PowerShell Development Training – What’s Your Opinion?

We’re in the process of creating a Windows PowerShell Development course, targeted at experienced .NET Framework (C# or VB) developers (this is NOT a scripting course), and we’re looking for a sense of the topics you would expect to be included in such a class. If you’ve got thirty seconds (that’s all it’ll take), consider taking our survey to let us know where we should be headed. You can also include your e-mail address in the survey if you’d like to be contacted about a class, if we get one on the schedule.

The class will use "Windows PowerShell Programming," written by several current and former Windows PowerShell team members, as its instructional base and class manual. We’ll be obviously adding expert lecture and some pretty significant hands-on labs to create a complete course. If we successfully hold a live class, we may repurpose the material into a self-paced course, as well (I prefer to do that after working out the "kinks" in a live class). 

Take the VERY short survey at http://surveys.sapien.com/poll.asp?z=2, through March 20th.