Win2008 Book Reviewers Needed – Earn a Free Copy!

I have an immediate need for about a dozen reviewers who can offer feedback/suggestions/comments/corrections on “Windows Server 2008: What’s New / What’s Changed” by Greg Shields. We’ll offer a free copy of the book or ebook (excluding shipping) to folks who review at least 8 chapters in a timely fashion; we’re looking for a thorough tech-check and fact-check as well as general comments, suggestions, and feedback. You’ll also be acknowledged in the book itself. If you’re interested, immediately e-mail errata (at) sapien (dot) com with your full name and contact details. We’ll have six chapters available by next week, and will be looking to have them reviewed in about 10 business days, so it’s a pretty tight schedule. They’re short, though (~30 pages each), so it should be doable, and if things get bogged down we’ll adjust the schedule accordingly.

Get in on a great chance to help shape the final look of this manuscript, get a free copy, and get your name in print!