Podcast Trivia

You may be wondering when we’re FINALLY going to wrap up our current podcast trivia contest. As you may know – well, maybe you don’t. See, in the previous four podcast episodes (available online at http://feeds.feedburner.com/ScriptinganswerscomAudioNetwork, if you haven’t been listening), we issued non-scripting-related trivia questions.

The answers to these (and the final, fifth question) are one-word answers. Those five words, taken together, form an ultimate scripting-related question… answer it, win mega SAPIEN goodness.

However, here’s the thing: Because producing an audio program is relatively difficult, and because doing this written blog is so much easier, and because the content we’re dealing with (scripting) really doesn’t lend itself to the spoken word… we’ve decided to discontinue the podcast as an independent entity.

That doesn’t mean we won’t still be bringing you relavent scripting-related interviews and other audio material – as we can, we will; it’ll just be attached as “enclosures” to this blog, rather than being an independent semi-regular podcast.

But, that leaves us with the trivia contest. So… to wrap things up… here’s the final, fifth question:

What term does the Disney company use to refer to male cast members (employees) working in a theme park?

Answer this question… and the previous four questions… and you’ll have the final, ultimate, sixth question. Send the sixth question and your answer in an e-mail to don (at) scriptinganswers (dot) com (please put “Trivia Contest” in the subject line). First completely correct answer wins.

Note that the ultimate sixth question may require you to “fill in” a few minor words. For example, if your five answers are “What Function Change String Lowercase” then the sixth question might be, “What Function is used to Change String values to Lowercase?” See how it works?

Anyway, hurry up. First correct question and answer wins.

Oh, and speaking of contests – please check out www.ScriptingMakeover.com. It’s a very serious contest with an easy entry process and major potential payback: Free consulting (from me), free training (also from me), free software, free books… tons more. If you have at least six administrators in your company, there’s almost no reason not to jump on board for a chance to win over $20,000 in scripting-related products and services for you and your company.

So… farewell, podcast… but hello, blog!