Power your Shell with PowerGadgets

By now you’ve installed PowerShell, tried out a few cmdlets and are trying to figure out how you will use all this great information. Well, there’s more for you to take a look at. Even though PowerShell is a console, you are sure to still want some GUI elements such as charts and gauges. Fortunately, that’s pretty easy to accomplish. You need to get a copy of PowerGadgets.

I’ve been kicking the tires and am very impressed. There’s so much to cover that for now I’m simply going to show you one small example of how you can take advantage of these tools.

Get-Process is nice and all, but a graph would be even better. Better yet if I can have it refresh every few seconds. Better yet again if I can have processes with a working set size of greater than 50MB highlighted in red. With PowerGadgets and PowerShell I can accomplish all of that with a single expression:

get-process |out-chart -value WorkingSet -floating -condition {$_.workingset -ge 50000000} -titles_0_text "Process Performance" -label name -size 900,300 -refresh 0:0:5 -legendbox_visible False

The expression will probably wrap as you read this, but it is a single expression. This will create a floating chart window that looks like this


I have a pretty high screen resolution so I set the chart size to 900 by 300. You might want to adjust it accordingly or remove the -size parameter altogether and use the defaults.

Ideally, I’ve piqued your curiosity. I’ll explore other PowerGadget possibilities in the future. In the mean time, grab a free 60 day eval at http://www.powergadgets.com/trial/.