Podcast Trivia Review

The current podcast trivia from’s podcast challenges you to come up with a one-word answer to five different trivia questions. Those five one-word answers combine to form a sixth trivia question which is related to scripting; answer that sixth question and win a major prize package from and SAPIEN Technologies!

A new podcast episode will be online soon with the third question; for those who’ve missed out, you can listen to the past episodes. And, just to get more folks involved, here are the first two questions in the series of five:

Question 1: This question is from children’s literature. From what “ville” did the Grinch try and steal Christmas?

Question 2: This one’s about the entertainment business. What relationship does Roy Oliver Disney have to Roy Edwards Disney (or, what does Roy E. Disney call Roy O. Disney)?

Be sure to tune in to future podcast episodes to catch the remaining three questions, assemble the final question, and answer it for bonzo prizes. Remember that the FINAL question is scripting-related; the five questions leading up to it are NOT scripting-related.